The Legend of Luke: A Tale from Redwall

By Brian Jacques

During this 12th e-book of the masterful Redwall epic, storyteller Brian Jacques is going again in time to the times prior to Redwall, revealing with dramatic poignancy the legend of the 1st of the fabulous Redwall warriors--Luke, father of Martin.

Joined by way of Trimp the Hedgehog, Dinny Foremole, and Gonff--the ever-mischievous Prince of Mousethieves--it is that legend Martin hopes to find while he embarks on a deadly trip to the northland shore, the place his father deserted him as a toddler. There, in the carcass of a superb purple ship--broken in part and wedged excessive up among pillars of stone--he eventually uncovers what he has been trying to find: the real tale of the evil pirate stoat, Vilu Daskar, and the valiant warrior who pursued him relentlessly over the excessive seas, looking to ruin Vilu in any respect bills, no matter if it intended deserting his merely son.

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Fortunate for you we got here alongside, my acquaintances, very fortunate! ’ one of many Guosim chefs whispered to Gonff in a voice that each one may possibly listen. ‘I ’opes they thank you the executive – he can’t stand ungrateful beasts. Why, I’ve obvious Furmo take ’is blade an’. . . ’ sooner than the sentence was once complete the vermin have been gabbling aloud in panic. ‘Aye, fortunate certainly fer us, sire, thank ye! ’ ‘Don’t comprehend wot we’d ’ave kept away from ye, leader! ’ ‘True, real, we’ll always remember ’ow you kept us! ’ ‘Thankee, thankee kindly, sir! ’ Gonff accumulated up the vermin guns, tut-tutting like an outdated mousewife. ‘Nasty sharp issues. Don’t agonize, associates, we’ll take care o’ those lest you injure yoreselves on ’em! ’ Furmo offered them with the piece of wooden that Trimp had meant utilizing. ‘Sorry approximately yore buddy the fox. you could dig a pleasant restin’ position for him with this. so long to ye. ’ As they marched off down the seashore, one of many vermin, a huge thin rat, kicked the sand ruefully. ‘Huh, why did we ever come ’ere within the first position, that’s wot I’d like ter understand? ’ Grimleg whacked him over the pinnacle with the piece of wooden. ‘Ah shuddup, screwnose! ’ Log a Log Furmo was once overjoyed with the hot vessel. He splashed approximately within the shallows, admiring it because the others clambered aboard. It used to be a protracted flat-bottomed skiff, with a unmarried sq. midsail. Bluffed on the stern and pointed on the bows, shaped from professional beech, elm and rowan wooden, it had oarlocks and paddles, 4 to every aspect, plus a great carved tiller and rudder. there has been a stern shield of canvas, stretched over a body of willow, for defense in tough climate. whilst Furmo climbed aboard he went underneath the preserve, then emerged crowing with pleasure. ‘Lookit, Guosim, a liddle stone fireplace an’ a clay oven, an’ 3 solid bench seats. I reckon this craft’d carry a ranking an’ a 1/2 staff. I inform ye, pals, whoever outfitted this vessel knew wot they have been doin’, real craftsbeasts they must’ve been. a true good looks, eh, Gonffo? ’ The Mousethief shook his head in amazement. ‘I guess ’twill cross just like the wind too. Where’d these ole badbeasts ever lay paws on a marvellous craft like this? ’ Chugger swaggered approximately, now immersed in his new position as a pirate captain. ‘Us robbed it offa ole frogdad an’ boiled ’is tail for vikkles. Heeheehee! ’ Trimp reprimanded him sharply. ‘That’s really sufficient of that sort of speak, thanks, Chugger. ’ The miscreant shot up the mastpole scowling darkly. ‘I norra Chugger not more, h’i a villyun, a orful undesirable ’un! ’ Dinny went to take a seat underneath the strict awning. ‘Well oi bain’t a nasty ’un not more, zurr, ho no, et ’urts moi face, ascowlin’ an’ a-snarlin’ all ee toim. Oi’m nought yet a great ole mole, oi surpose. ’ Tacking just about the shore they threaded northward. Furmo and his Guosim shrews have been in absolute ecstasies approximately their new craft. Being nice boatbuilders they can with ease savour the ability and ingenuity which had long gone into its development. ‘I inspiration you have been in simple terms vacationing with us so far as the shore, my friend,’ Martin reminded the shrew lightly.

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