Our highly professional team will spare no effort to provide
you with the best service in every respect. We at Steel –

Solutions will make sure to always provide you with:
• The fastest response in giving you Quotations that will suit your purpose.
• Pre-engineered flexible design with latest technology
• The most competitive prices
• Proposal Drawings that will help you visualize the building.
• Engineering Support in case of special needs or to clarify any inquiry.
• Quality Material and Quality Workmanship that will last and perform
• Reliable & smart fabrication
• Erection, installation under the guide of Expertise
• Attractive and Versatile Roofing & Cladding Systems
• Latest version of fabricating Machines
• Reliable & reasonable Price, quick delivery & services
• Total Quality Management (TQM)
• Proper after sales service to ensure a quick, successful and headache free job completion.
• Site service to help and support our builders and constructions companies to successfully finish the job.

Professionalism in Sales & Customer Service

Our highly proficient sales engineers handle proposals for your inquiries with theutmost attention offering you the best and most economical solution. Each offer is submitted together with competitive price quotations and proposal drawings to ensure sufficient information that enables you to make an accurate verification of your needs.
At Steel Solutions we have specialized customer service reflecting a desire to allow for personalized service and a better communication with Bangladesh repeat customers who would otherwise have to deal with a variety of local builders. Expertise in Engineering
In its quest to become the engineering leader in the quality metal building industry, at Steel Solutions all professional staff are equipped with state of the art computer, 100 % of the engineering inputs and outputs such as design calculations, erection, drawings, shop details and bills of material are generated, checked, released and archived in digital format. Steel Solutions utilizes the latest available software used around the world for Design and Detailing of Metal Buildings

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